When Baby Fever Cools Down

Kids are great. They are cute, funny, they give the best kisses and make the biggest messes in the best possible ways. Their laughter could put an end to all problems in the world and their little faces have the ability to fill the largest room with the greatest joy. But, at some point in a parents journey, they realize that that they are done. They realize that the humans they brought into this world are all they need and that having any more would just be too much. Eventually, parents realize they are ready to empty the collection of baby gear, toss the bottles, and disassemble the crib for the last time.

Oh my… that last one stung.

This isn’t an instantaneous realization though. When it hits, it hits hard. It knocks the breath from your lungs and leaves you feeling awkwardly empty but ironically content. It is as simple as looking on as your elementary and pre-k age boys Trick-or-Treat happily while you are pushing a toddler in a stroller. Out of nowhere, you don’t feel compelled to pull them back and keep them within arm’s length. They are ready to take on the world, and you are ready to help them.

Without warning, you are ready for the future. You are ready to see who these little humans will turn into. Suddenly you realize you don’t have babies anymore; and that fact is so exciting.  

Suddenly you look on with pride at the sight of your little ones walking a few extra steps ahead. You enjoy witnessing their first steps into independence but appreciate that they still need you close by. They are ready to tackle the world, cautiously, on their own. And without warning, you are ready to watch from afar. You are ready to become a spectator, a cheerleader.

Halloween 2016 in Cleveland Ohio-Tabatha Sue Photography writes about when baby fever cools down

Without warning you don’t yearn for the feeling of life growing inside you. When you see an adorable six-day old newborn you don’t feel the need to make a new one for yourself. It’s someone else’s turn now. You are ready for the next steps in parenting.

When this revelation hits you, don’t feel bad. As cute as they are, as obligated as you may feel to keep beautifying the world with your little princes and princesses, it’s OK to stop. And it’s OK to not feel guilty. After all, if a baby was made every time a woman’s heart was tugged by the musical squeal of a brand new baby, the world would be massively overpopulated with adorable little people. As your children get older, what they need from you changes. Change with them. Grow with them.

Besides, life with kids becomes exponentially easier when you can toss the gigantic diaper bag in favor of a bag just large enough for your own things and maybe a couple bags of fruit snacks. Embrace the change!

So tell us, have you reached this new chapter in your life? How do you feel about it?

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